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Add-ons and Extras for your website


Hosting a second domain to use SiteBuilder Lite™ for frequently editing/updating information R500.00/pa.

A price list, news page and links page, or any other 3 pages you'd like to edit online, anytime. Your custom designed site links to your "interactive" or "live" pages at your second domain, where you have total control of SiteBuilder Lite's powerful features.

If you want to cleverly use this option to start a second, perhaps unrelated website, to get the hosting and SiteBuilder Lite's functionality really cheap … that's fine, dear clients.

Blog integration** (gmail account required):

There's likely some information on your site that you'll want to alter frequently, easily and online. Also that your users can be automatically notified of new postings. Our solution is to use the free facility of a weblog at

A weblog can be so much more than an online diary. They can perform many useful functions. An easily editable price list, events notifications, your news (a blog's original function). Your staff and site visitors can subscribe to your blog, using it's RSS feed. (Means that they are automatically notified of new postings.)

A blog can be opened for comments to varying degrees, which allows it to gather (search engine) important backlinks, and give you feedback on what you post.

We use, and setup a custom domain, usually a subdomain of your existing domain ,e.g.

Blogger is a template-driven thing, so we adapt the template to be compatible with your site's look and feel.

Mystified? … take a look at sites in our hosting portfolio that use blogger, click their "news", "events" or "what's new" links to see how this blog thing is used.

1st Blog setup (per subdomain) and template editing: R 1000.00

Secondary/subsequent blogs, including updating sitewide navigations to include it: R600.00

Please note, we're charging to edit the blogger template and set the blog up correctly to post at your hosting on our server. We're not in any way "selling"'s free service.

Of course, if you're familiar with blogger, can edit the templates and such, you may want to do this yourself at a free address. 


Video and audio production – contact us for a quote

A state-of-the-art sound studio and the video production expertise of our affiliate, HOTmedia are available and affordable.

You can upload your videos to your youtube account, and email us the "embed" code that youtube will give you. (free with any custom design). An example: SADMA.

If you want to give your audio or video clip the potential to go truly "viral" though, people have to be able to download it (and youtube won't allow this). With our affordable hosting options, and hugely generous bandwidth allowances, there's room for some audio if you glow, plenty for video and audio if you burn, and if you explode, the limits are huge indeed.

Additional Email setup:

POP accounts (works with Outlook and other email programs)
forwarders to a gmail** account for online storage and spam filtering. (gmail account required)

Per email account/forwarder set up: R150.00
(of course, you can do this yourself, free, easily, in your site's online control panel)


Site Editing:
  • Modifying text on the site from your email:
    R100/page edited.
  • Adding a user response form
  • Additional web page including updating navigations to include it:
  • Adding/replacing images/photos (.gif .jpg) to site and web–optimisation for speed:
  • Scanning, web-optimising and posting a photo:


Hosting upgrades, for Custom website on GLOW hosting:


R1 500.00



thereafter, your annual cost would be your domain renewal (R100.00 for, R200.00 for most others) and hosting services as per the hosting option you're on, i.e. GLOW, BURN or EXPLODE.


Google Adwords**

Setup of AdWords account: R500.00
Management fees: 10% of your adspend budget
or negotiable commission on website generated sales.


Create and manage your own Google Adwords account,
starting off with a R200.00 promotional code voucher for you from Google.
Hosting clients: Contact us for it as soon as your account's created.

Terms apply.

** We cannot guarantee the reliability or effectiveness of services that we interface with on your behalf, such as Google and Blogger.

Do it yourself easy web publishing and just hosting custom designed websites rebuilds and revamps web hosting for massive traffic and video applications

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